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Even the best service agent can't solve customer problems without the right tools—tools that answer questions easily and empower the agent to close issues quickly. Siebel CRM On Demand Service consistently gives you the up-to-date information agents need, so they don't just solve problems, they truly build customer satisfaction. And high customer satisfaction translates to increased revenue.

With the centralized knowledge base in Siebel CRM On Demand, you'll also be able to continually improve service effectiveness by keeping your agents trained. And, with the visibility you gain through analytics, you'll be able to manage agent activity and resolve bottlenecks quickly.

Resolve Service Requests Quickly and Completely

No one has time for problems—especially your customers. You need to resolve issues fast by reducing the amount of time it takes to handle each call. With the robust routing capabilities built into Siebel CRM On Demand, you'll be able to accurately route service requests to the right agents for rapid resolutions.

To help shorten training times and ensure your agents are performing at their peak, Siebel CRM On Demand also provides service assessment scripts to improve service quality. In addition, agents have access to a centralized knowledge base to help them quickly look up solutions and resolve service issues in one call. Agents can even add their own solutions to expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge base over time and score existing solutions to ensure the most helpful solutions rise to the top.

Continually Improve Service Effectiveness

To ensure long lasting customer relationships and superior service quality, Siebel CRM On Demand allows you to easily implement customer satisfaction surveys. By monitoring your customers' service experience, you can ensure your organization has early warnings to take corrective actions to better meet your customers' needs.

Manage Service Activity

If your agents have easy access to accurate customer service history, they'll be able to deliver a consistent service experience. With Siebel CRM On Demand, agents can capture all service information in one centralized location, manage service requests, track related activities and customer e-mails from Outlook or Lotus Notes, and associate known solutions to incoming requests. A 360-degree view of the customers helps your sales teams have access and visibility into all customer service issues.

Detect and Fix Bottlenecks Early

You can't plan for the future without a complete picture of your Service activity. Pre-built data warehousing capabilities give you the power to analyze historical trends and compare them with today's snapshot. Analyze service call trends to shape current and future product or service offerings. In addition, real-time analytics and interactive dashboards provide visibility into problem areas so you can take immediate action. You'll be able to manage agent performance, rebalance team workloads, or provide additional training for enhanced productivity.

Flexibly Configure to Your Business Processes

Siebel CRM On Demand not only meets your specific business challenges but will also scale with your company as it grows. Its customization capabilities let you tailor the application to support your company's unique business processes and requirements. Individual users can quickly customize languages, currencies, and appearance to reflect personal preferences. And a pre-built contact center lets you provide better customer service across all customer touchpoints.



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