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RiverStar CE Suite

RiverStar CE Suite: For Contact Centers and Outsourcers

RiverStar CE suite

By following Customer Experience Management (CEM) principles, the CE Suite creates the end-to-end customer service processes that result in intelligent, repeatable, and consistent customer interactions.

The RiverStar Customer Experience (CE) Suite is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) used by contact center outsourcers and enterprise contact centers. The CE Suite supports customer-centric strategies that in turn boost customer loyalty and retention at a cost that benefits your business goals.

The RiverStar CE Suite™ consists of four core modules – Agent, Web, Studio, and Proactive Response. Collectively, the modules provide a multi-channel customer interaction toolset. The Suite is powered by RiverStar Studio™ which drives the interaction workflow on the agent desktop and through web self service. Additionally, the Proactive Response add-on can monitor the social cloud and facilitate communications with customers through appropriate channels and social media. Business process management, workflow automation and incredibly fast integration provide extreme flexibility to manage your interactions the way the customer wants to be engaged.

Why CE Suite is the Right Choice?

The CE Suite is designed to create a whole new experience for your customers. Traditional methods of interacting with customers are not designed from the outside in. CE Suite provides the agent and the customer the opportunity for engaging exactly the way the customer wants to be dealt with. Regardless of whether you want to tie together your current systems or replace them, the CE Suite is the solution that will pull together the complete customer experience in a way that will increase loyalty.

 RiverStar CE Suite