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ProStar Chat Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software

Powerful 100% Web Based Live Support - Just Launch a Browser!
ProStar Chat is clear and intuitive with very easy to understand chat interface for both the visitor and the operator. Because ProStar Chat is 100% web browser based, your support operators won't need to install memory intense windows applications or jeopardize security with open port settings on your computer. Visitors can also be at ease knowing they only need a browser to interact with your support representatives.

Provide Support From Anywhere On Any Computer
Whether you are at the office, cyber cafe or at home, simply launch a web browser and provide the usual full live support service anytime, anywhere on any computer! No client software installation required and no java to slow down your webpage loading time.

Increase Your Website Sales And Reduce Operational Costs
A single question answered from a live support agent can be enough to close the sale. ProStar Chat can accomplish the level of instant client care that is required to keep you ahead of competitors and increase your website sales while reducing your operational costs. Phone, fax, staff and other support operations can add up to lots of expenses. ProStar Chat will enable you to communicate instantly with your visitors and pass crucial information at virtually no cost.

Multiple Site License Per Company, Not Per Domain
You may manage several websites but you only need to manage ONE ProStar Chat License. Purchase one License and you can deploy ProStar Chat on all the websites that are owned and operated by your company. The "whois" company information must match for each of your domain names.

Download and Run ProStar Chat From Your Server
With ProStar Chat, you can download the entire PHP source code application and run our software directly from your server. The entire MySQL database, the PHP source code and log files are kept secure and confidential on your system. With ProStar Chat, no need to rely on third party vendor for Live Support. ProStar Chat is the only Live Support software that gives you the flexibility and scalability your growing business demands.

ProStar Chat Features

Real-Time Communication

Real-time Chats
Enable Real-time instant chat communication with your website visitors. Interact with your visitors to provide higher level of customer support, up-sell products, assist in purchase decisions and offer that human touch to help you stay head of competitors.

Multiple Chat Requests
Provide support with multiple support chat requests at the same time.

Operator-to-Operator Chats
Maximize productivity and efficiency with Operator-to-Operator chats, a powerful tool that allows free flow of communication in real-time between your operators.

Party is typing" Notify
With ProStar Chat, each party (visitor and operator) knows when the other is typing a message. This is helpful to keep both sides focused and alert for incoming messages.

Email Signature
Embed the chat support status icon on all your outgoing emails. When the recipient receives the email, he/she can easily request support directly from their mailbox.

Auto Save Transcripts
ProStar Chat can automatically save each transcript without taking action by the operator.

Search Transcripts
Search through the saved transcripts for reference and training purposes.

Department Share Transcripts
For training or information gathering, each department can share and view saved transcripts.

Email Transcripts
After the chat support session, the visitor has an option to send a copy of the complete transcript to their email for future references.

Capture Visitor Data
Capture visitor's IP, time, browser information, monitor information, pages they have visited, and other crucial data.

Sales and Marketing

Ad Tracking (Track'it)
Track'it will track all your Ad and Pay-Per-Click campaign click-throughs and enable website owners to pick out qualified leads to provide a customized support or sales response and pitch based on their clicked origin.

Track Visitor Refer URL
Ever wondered where your visitors clicked from to get to your website? With ProStar Chat, it will track your visitor's REFER URL to get a better understanding about your website traffic.

Initiate (Proactive) Chat
Initiate chat with your visitors. With a single click, you can open a chat window on visitor's computer and immediately provide assistance.

Open up a browser on visitor's computer automatically to show them products, services, or helpful page that would assist them.

Customization and Administration

Operator Console Monitor
Monitor your operator online/offline status in real-time. This is useful when you are training or monitoring operator performances.

Operator Online/Offline Activity Monitor
Monitor operator online/offline activity throughout the day. Track the total hours your operators have spent Online and when they went Offline.

Department Chat Icons
Create chat icons and generate chat HTML code for EACH department.

TEXT LINK to support
Instead of displaying status icons, you can use plain text link.

Remote Administration
Administrator can remotely kill a chat session or close an operator's console.

Time Zone Setup
Set your ProStar Chat system time so it matches your current time zone and format.

Spam Blocking
Spam blocking allows you to restrict certain IPs from accessing your Live Support system.

Chat Window Themes
Customize your chat window with Themes!

Source Code Advantage

Runs on Your Server and Domain
Runs on your sever and domain for higher levels of control and security.

Modify the Source Code
Modify the source code to better fit your needs.

Reporting and Stats

Operator Rating System
Know the performance level of each operator at any given time with Operator Rating system. After each support session, visitors have an option to rate the operator's support level.

Visitor Traffic Monitor
Monitor your website traffic in REAL-TIME. Know exactly how many visitors are on your site, where they came from, which page they are viewing, and how long they've been on your site.

Daily Request Reports
View comprehensive reports of the number of request taken, rejected, not taken, or initiated by each operator and department, daily or monthly view.

Log Transcripts
Transcripts are logged with operator's information, visitor's name, ip, time and other relevant data.

Efficiency Control

Hidden Departments
Allow higher management and second tier support reps to efficiently do their normal task and ONLY take crucial calls that are passed to them.

Traffic Monitor Refresh Rate
Control the refresh rate of the traffic monitor to fit your preference. This comes useful when you want to pause the monitor to carefully evaluate your traffic data.

Knowledge Base (FAQ) Integration
Integrated Knowledge Base system. Now your visitors can search your frequently asked questions (FAQ) prior to Live Support or during your Offline hours. ProStar Chat combines the power of self-service tool with real-time communication.

Assign Operator to Multiple Departments
Assign a single operator to multiple departments to maximize staff performance and to better utilize your support departments.

Operator Auto-Reconnect
Auto-Reconnect will set your operators back to online status even if the internet connection went down for few minutes. If you have call centers or support reps overseas, this will greatly increase the performance of ProStar Chat Support.

Canned Responses
tore commonly used message so you can quickly access them during support. Maximize your productivity and support by immediately providing the answers your visitors need.

Canned Commands
Store commonly used command (PUSH pages, show images, etc) so you can quickly access them during support.

Department Canned Responses
Save time and store canned messages and responses for each department. All operators in the same department will have access to the department canned messages and responses.

Set Operator Request Order
Arrange operators in the order they should receive support calls (if an operator is more skilled, you can select him/her to take the first call before it proceeds to next operator).

Request Load Balancing
If you have multiple operators in a department, the system will know which operator is busy with a call and will automatically distribute the call evenly throughout the online operators.

Request Polling
If an operator is just too busy or is not in front of his/her computer, the chat request will be routed to the next online operator automatically.

Set Request Polling Type
Customize how the support calls are routed between your operators. You can choose from a defined set order, round-robin style, or random.

Transfer Calls
Transfer the chat session from operator to operator. You may be providing support as a Customer Support, but when a technical question is asked, the operator can transfer the call to the proper technical support to better help the visitor.

Support Hour Message
Set your department support hour message to inform visitors the normal time your company provides Online Support.

Sound Request Alert
Sound alert will notify you when a support is being requested.

Leave a Message
If no operators are available, visitor can easily send a message to the department using an email form.