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ProStar Lead Manager Lead Generation Software

Lead Manager is the perfect tool for corporate sales and marketing directors, owners of franchise stores or retail chains who have a need to develop and distribute sales leads via the Internet.

ProStar Lead Manager SoftwareWith Lead Manager, you can automatically generate, manage and send your own leads to agents, distribution channels or franchises. Lead Manager is a complete turnkey system.

If your call center is in the lead generation business, you will need:

  • A web based survey form that your call center agents can input data.
  • Distribute the collected data to your clients in real-time, no delay.
  • Distribute collected data according to your clients business rules.
  • Ability to manage and capitalize the data flow on a per lead, per call, or flat fee basis.
  • Software that integrates to any existing phone system or switch.
  • Lead Manager Features

    Real-time Distribution
    Real-time distribution of customer inquiries (web or telecom) generated from all advertising channels through a single integrated software platform.

    ROI Tracking
    ROI tracking for all advertising channels.

    Instant Contact
    Instant customer contact by the appropriate sales agent brings higher sales and increased closing ratios.

    Web-based Integration
    Application can integrate with any web-based CRM (customer relationship management) or sales force automation.

    Infinite scalability. Unlimited number of marketing channels can distribute unlimited number of customer contacts to an unlimited number of sales agents.

    Unlimited Routing Rules
    Unlimited number of routing rules. Examples: By time of day; by product type; by geography; by dollar amount or any combination of these and more.

    Lead Manager Benefits

    Tracking Reports
    Tracking reports that measure the effectiveness of any advertising method including TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Banner Ads, Pay-per-Click Search Engines, Email and more.

    Data Collection
    Data collection tools to aggregate data and telecommunications (inbound or outbound calls) generated from these separate advertising channels, then intelligently distributes data and telecommunications (customer calls) in real-time to the appropriate sales team member.

    Call Center Software Integration
    Application can integrate with any web-based call center/contact center software application.

    Instant Telecom and Data Routing
    Instant auto call distribution of telecommunication and data file routing.

    Licensed ASP
    Application is licensed in an ASP (application service provider) hosted environment.


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