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Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center

Customer Interaction Center

Customer Interaction Center

Customer Interaction Center
Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is built on widely adopted standards for a resourceful and efficient communications foundation from one vendor.
All-in-one platform
Centralize multichannel processing and inbound/outbound blending as well as system configuration, administration and reporting. Fewer required servers also reduce energy consumption throughout your data center.
Scalable all-software architecture
CIC eliminates costly voice boards and multiple points of failure, makes rip and replace a thing of the past, and makes disaster recovery and multi-site location independence inherent. Incremental application licensing makes it easy to meet growth needs.

What's new in CIC 4.0?

Aspect Unified IP Predictive Dialer

  • Improved Architecture
  • Eliminates third-party telephony components
  • Increased scalability and reliability
  • CIC becomes a pure application server
  • All media processing on the Interaction Media Server™ Appliance
  • Virtualization of the CIC environment
  • Internal cloud deployment option
  • Enhanced Experience
  • Enhanced web client
  • Additional email handling
  • Agent assistance
  • New web portal for internal stakeholders and external customers
  • Expanded Management Insight
  • Real-time speech analytics
  • Improved quality monitoring
  • Reporting and supervisory enhancements

Teleservices, collections, telemarketing and fundraising
Teleservices Collections

Teleservices, collections, telemarketing and fundraising
Proactive outbound dialing campaigns can help increase revenue, retain customers, and reduce expenses. Interaction Dialer’s patented predictive algorithm keeps agent productivity high and idle time low - while multichannel capabilities bring these same efficiencies to email, SMS, and more!

Multichannel recording, screen recording, scoring, storage and file management in one complete solution

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Improving user performance and customer service is best achieved by recording interactions with your customers. Mandates in regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services also require stringent recording practices for compliance. Interaction Recorder lets you simplify quality assessment processes using its innovative scoring features, and facilitate score measurement and compliance practices for users and teams with its out-of-the-box reports. Organizations can also streamline file management for large recording volumes with Recorder’s intuitive categorization and quick retrieval capabilities.