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Disaster Recovery OnDemand

Disaster Recovery On Demand

Disaster Recovery On Demand

The mission of Promero's Disaster Recovery OnDemand service is to recover telecommunication in an area affected by a disaster. Telecommunications is vital for our business and government customers following a disaster, both for the impacted area and for the rest of the country. With Promero's Disaster Recovery OnDemand, Business Continuity Managers who are responsible for telecommunications have instant access to route calls according to their need.

Restoring telecommunications services (or providing contingency services) is truly an essential first step to recovery. Voice communications are more vital in managing a disaster than email or other means of messaging. Live conversations are immediate, delivered in real time, and accurately convey human emotion. When your phone system is working, so is your business.

A voice recovery plan must:

  • Assess risks and impact
  • Denote critical business functions, in priority order
  • Identify the technologies needed to recover the critical functions
  • Define a recovery strategy
  • Document the recovery plan
  • Test the recovery plan
  • Keep the recovery plan current

Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere  hosted by Promero is [to the best of our knowledge] the only system currently available delivering a credible Disaster Recovery Business Continuity solution for both conventional businesses and call center switches enabling 100% of your workforce to be fully operational, including intelligent call routing of individual Dial In Direct numbers (DID`s) to any remote location over PSTN [public switch telephone network], VOIP or wireless within minutes after disaster strikes... a totally unique solution available in the marketplace today.

Available to both conventional businesses and call center operators, truly instantaneous “business as usual” continuity planning can now be delivered should your existing telecommunications infrastructure fail for any reason – fire, flood, gas leak, road work, access denial, and any other event you might think up.

Disaster Recovery OnDemand - Call Flow

Telecommunications Disaster Recovery

During a hurricane or storm can your employees, clients, or vendors reach you?

Your company's telecommunication voice circuits are vulnerable to disasters. Knowing the types of disasters that effect telecommunications within your company will minimize your exposure.

Make sure your company has a telecommunications data and voice disaster recovery plan in place, tested and ready to implement should any disaster occur.

Most companies spend millions on disaster plans for data and neglect their voice lines. Since your voice lines are critical to customer support and inter-company communication, any facility with an outage will effect the entire organization. What occurs if your office is unreachable? Do you have a plan in place for employees?  Does your company have customers calling from around the world for sales and/or service? Where will those calls go in an emergency? We want to ensure your customers, employees, and vendors reach you and not your competition.

Do you have a plan that can restore your phone service in the event of a disaster?  Even if you have a plan we can help with redundancy, testing, and monitoring.

If you lose your telephones for an hour, a day, a week…what would that do to your bottom line?  If your phones are important to your business, then you are putting your business at risk by not having a disaster recovery plan for your critical lines. 

A Disaster Recovery Plan by Promero will protect you 24x7 not only during a natural disaster like snowstorms or hurricanes, but also localized ones like fires, power outages, downed trees, or even the accidental cutting of a cable in your area.  In fact, these localized ones may have more impact on your business than you realize because they are unknown to clients and customers outside your local area.  All businesses today need to plan for the prospect of a disaster interrupting their operations.  

Let Promero help you make sure that in the event of a disaster your business remains operational.  We provide a reasonably priced solution which is extremely reliable and secure.  We can set up your plan to provide your clients, vendors, and employees the continuity you have worked hard to establish.  With Promero's disaster plan in place you can:

  • Remain available to your customers/clients 24x7,
  • Provide employee information/notification
  • Receive voice answered services with email notification
  • Receive both voice and fax communications

When you phones need to remain in service without interruption, Promero can transfer your calls automatically to another location not affected by the disaster or answer the calls for you when your office is not functioning.  Customers and vendors will notice business as usual.  Be prepared for the future. Office loss doesn't have to be business loss.