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Customized Dashboards

Promero offers customized dashboards to support C-level and senior managements' need to view their company's real-time key performance indicators and metrics. Dashboards hosted by Promero are displayed on your company's internet or intranet website, mobile device or tablet. Dashboards can provide a visual display of the call center metrics, service level adherence, sales results or any other configurable metric that is accessible to application data points.

Click on thumbnails to view sample charts. Promero can customize dashboards for your organization with any of these visualization controls. Use these gauges to create charts and gauges in Mobile, Web and Desktop environments.

2-D Column Charts
2 D Column Chart
    Line Step Charts
    Funnel Charts
    CandleStick Charts
3 D Column Charts
3 D Column Chart
    Stacked Charts
    Bar Charts
    Circular Gauges