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Virtual Call Center
Contact Center Anywhere 2008 Overview
Overview - Call Center Software Features
VoiP Voice Over IP
Predictive Dialer
Web Callback
IVR - Interactive Voice Response
ACD & Skills Based Routing
CTI - Computer Telephony Integration
H.323 or SIP
Call Blending
CRM Integration
Remote Supervision
Virtual Call Routing
Work from Home
Web Collaboration
Do-Not-Call FTC Compliance
Overview - Call Center Software Benefits
On-Demand Virtual Call Center
Hosted or On Premise Virtual Call Center
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Improved Sales
Increase Revenues
Reduced Customer Contact Costs
Scalable Virtual Call Center
Improved Team Communications
Increased Management Awareness
Intelligent Call Center Paper - Gartner
Revolutionizing the Hosted Call Center Industry - Frost & Sullivan
Proactive Contact Center - 7 simple steps
On Demand Contact Center Anywhere Inbound and Outbound Call Center Solution

Promero offers the award winning, state-of-the-art on demand virtual call center solution, Contact Center Anywhere in a hosted environment or a customer premise solution. The multiple options offer the ultimate flexibility. Whether you are a 10 seat or 1000 seat call center, Promero's solution provides a deployment strategy that will fit your financial need.

Contact Center Anywhere provides a blended inbound and outbound solution through a single desktop browser. ProStar OnDemand is an innovative, low risk, flexible, hosted call center solution, customer relationship management solution and sales lead management solution brought to you by Promero, a leading business solution provider. With ProStar OnDemand, you can easily evolve your customer relationship and sales strategy by using the industry's premier call center solution and CRM with little or no up-front IT investments.

With ProStar OnDemand, your business will benefit regardless of it size or shape with a centralized repository or customer data and real time snapshot of customer interactions and communications. So no matter what your requirements, Promero provides true added value and lowers the overall Total Cost of Ownership.

OnDemand includes a fully integrated suite of products for call center operators. Customer relationship management software, call center software, lead management and sales analytics software are included in a single hosted platform This winning combination provides the ability to make (predictive or preview) or take calls in a blended call center seat, compile customer information, route callers to the most skilled agents and more! Outsource call centers can provide lead generation services with ease. Hot transfer live calls along with data files to the sales agent in real time. ProStar OnDemand is the perfect solution.


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Predictive Dialer

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